LEGO Ghostbusters by the designers

Fan-designer Brent Waller and LEGO designer Marcos Bessa talk about the new LEGO Ideas Ghostbuster set. The first video is shorter and focus on Brent Waller and the second one is more about LEGO disigner in Billund.

“History Cops” Spoof Trailer

With the upcoming release of the LEGO Movie on DVD and Blu-ray, LEGO is sharing some bonus online. It’s very well done and funny. Was it brickfilmed or CGI? By the way the mouths moves… it’s probably CGI. But still awesome.

ToyCon MTL 2014 Harley Quinn

LEGO mini-me at Montreal’s ToyCon

The Montreal’s ToyCon took place this week-end and four QuéLUG’s member were there with MOC and official sets to display. Infortunatly, it seems our photographer was more interested into cosplay than LEGO display. Well, that’s fun too! Batman and Harley Quinn could not resist playing with their mini-me minifig. “I’m …

LEGO Ghostbusters Ecto-1 | Animated LEGO Review

David Pickett, from Nightly News at Nine is giving us a wonderful review of the new LEGO Idea Ghostbuster set. He give us some great tips on how to improve (or play with) the set.   Set description: Celebrate 30 years of ghost-busting action with the iconic Ghostbusters™ Ecto-1 car! Selected by …