It’s Oct 21st 2015 and we can say The future is Now.

It’s (almost) Oct 21st 2015 and we can say The future is Now. Check out this Back to the Future 2 hommage all made in LEGO by MonsieurCaron. And don’t forget to play the game, because the last 30 years were full of geeky stuff to celebrate, isn’t?

— Play the game: REWIND to seek and find
Here’s 10 LEGO things you have to find hidden in the video
1. Ant-Man (Marvel’s Univers)
2. Donatello e (TMNT)
3. The Flash (DC Univers)
4. Nick Fury (hard to spot) (Marvel’s Avengers)
5. Rocket Racoon and baby Groot (Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy)
6. Captain America’s shield (Marvel’s Avengers)
7. Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber (Star Wars)
8. Marty’s Hover Board (Marty’s not on it, who is?)
9. Loki staff (Marvel’s Avengers)
10. Squishee glass (The Simpsons)
— What else can you find? Tell us in the comments

Marty’s 4×4 and “The Homer” car are creations by Olivier Laporte
You can get Doc Brown’s lab coat from
Printed LEGO bricks can be found at
“Brick to the Future” logo by Javier Pérez used with permission.

Brick to the Future was made by MonsieurCaron using a Canon Rebel T3 camera, DragonFrame and Adobe CS6 just before October 21st 2015 :-)

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