Alien: The Chestbuster scene in LEGO

Bricktease in well know for his frame by frame remake of the opening scene from James Bond’s Casino Royale. He also did remakes of some famous movie scenes like The Blues Brother car chase. His last re-creation is the chestbuster scene from Alien (1979).

In that brickfilm, there is one think I would like to share with you, one thing very simple but that impress me a lot (and make me laugh too). Watch it first, then read on.

The first time I saw Alien, I was very young and scared. But that remake make me laugh because it’s so simple.

Did you see it? How Bricktease use a simple piece call “robot arm” to impersonate the busting alien coming out of the poor guy chest. I call that brilliant. Well animated, a single piece can make you remember a famous character, in a famous scene, in a classical scifi movie.

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